The West Michigan Graphic Design Archives (https://graphicdesignarchives.org) makes their collection available to design professionals, educators, students, business people, researchers, and others interested in the rich legacy of graphic design, paper manufacturing, and printing in West Michigan. It’s an impressive, growing collection. They wanted to create a short, introductory video for use primarily on social media. Being long time printophiles (and colleagues of the founders), we raised our hands – way up.



An initial conversation about an interest in a short video revealed a higher priority.  LGROW (https://www.lgrow.org) wanted to raise awareness and support for one of their most ambitious projects to date: the completion of the lower section of the Grand River Water Trail. To help LGROW in upcoming speaker presentations and events, we created a PowerPoint deck of thirty content-rich slides with animated transitions that illustrate this impressive undertaking. Now, about that video . . .