Boost is not a company. It’s an offer. An offer from an alliance of professional video colleagues more interested than ever in applying our decades of experience and talents to helping organizations and individuals do good things.


All budgets are tight budgets. We know that. So, to start with, we’ll be all in. Above and beyond. It’s our nature. We’ll also contribute 30-50% off our normal rates. And we have commitments from other colleagues and vendors for a minimum 15-20% discount donation on their services, equipment and facilities required. More for less, across the board.


We’re a small group and can only take on a limited number of projects. So, we’ll make sure that we’re a good fit for the cause and client – skill-wise, message-wise, schedule-wise, and otherwise.

Every project is different, but it basically goes like this:

We listen, discover, and ask lots of questions. Collectively, we decide if the fit is right. If so, we go to work and concept, cost estimate, communicate, collaborate, push back, expand, contract, write, design, plan, plan more, shoot, animate, edit, revise, finish, over deliver and under charge.

All of this can only happen after the first step in the process: a conversation.

Let’s have one.


Lisa Mulry



Part manager, part accountant, and all creative, Lisa’s 35-year career had her progressing through almost every role of filmmaking. And along the way, she produced countless events for the Grand Rapids Art Museum as well as the Grand Opening of the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Lisa is a master planner, staying three steps ahead while keeping everyone on task, on budget, and on message – or else.

Kerry Rasikas


In his 40-year career, Kerry has worked professionally as a cinematographer, editor, producer and director. He’s directed governors, Nobel Laureates, CEOs, artists, actors, kids and dogs – and has filmed on five continents, and in his parent’s backyard. His work ranges from web snippets to thirty-second commercials, thirty-minute documentaries and hour-long TV specials – from weeks to years in the making.

Thom Bell


A West Michigan DP with over 35 years of experience in corporate, documentary and commercial filmmaking, Thom is technical wizard, eager collaborator, and critical thinker with an artistic eye on both the visual and the message. In addition to BPS Video for commercial work, Thom runs Eye Wonder Media for his documentary work. He’s also an FCC-licensed drone owner/operator and an unlicensed Grand River watershed enthusiast.



Grey Christian

Motion Graphics Design

With decades of experience in print design and motion graphics, Grey is equally at home in both CMYK and RGB worlds. Designer, animator, tinkerer, he has created award-winning content for mega-nationals to micro-locals, from super PACs to 6-packs.


Lois Maassen


During and after her three-decade corporate career, Lois has engaged with nonprofits as a volunteer, fundraiser, employee, and consultant. Experienced in strategy development, marketing, communications, writing, and editing, she can’t resist a puzzle and derives satisfaction from making complicated things clear. Or clearer.

Stuart Poltrock

Sound Design+Engineering

Musician, engineer and sound designer Stuart has worked collaboratively with filmmakers for over 25 years to help tell their story with sound. Stuart also produces audio for podcasts, audiobooks, radio, television, and music.

Alan Rosas


In addition to running a writing/media consulting business serving global clients, Alan taught illustration at an art college, named products you have in your office, won grants for non-profits and won art awards for kinetic sculpture. He enjoys the challenge of writing a story that appeals to the heart as well as the intellect.